Thursday, April 14, 2011

El Toro - El Toro! Good Guy If you ever find yourself sitting around there wondering one summers day how anyone in these times can can sweep out the well-shaken shacks of 60's beat then encounter, rather closely indeed, these liveried lords, layabouts &...lizards? of Liverpool's weird scene addicts. Members of splatterpunks Zombina and the Skeletones, psycho Cash-a-lites The Straitjackets plus mysterious American guitarist Chris Luna dispense a monstrously unhinged mash-up of spaghetti western surfaliciousness from the mariachi garages with a psych-pop ward next door. Luna swamps the destitute but never downtrodden tales of rancorous romance, odes from the darklands & rites of revenge in suitably esoterically cavernous reverb. That the whole thing thusly sounds for at least seven worlds like it's summoned from the far rings of Saturn only ultra-accentuates the frantic delivery, adding further eerie edges to lyrics such as 'People say you're wrong in the head / But now the Devil himself is lying in your bed' on Anyone But Him.

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