Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Left Lane Cruiser - Junkyard Speed Ball

Left Lane Cruiser
Junkyard Speed Ball

A rolling stone gathers no moss (though a Rolling Stone might bundle up a STD and a few drug habits), and Left Lane Cruiser follows suit by quickly following up All You Can Eat!! with another slab of chicken-fried blues rock from the beergut of the beast. This time out guitarist/growler Freddy J. Evans IV and drummer Brenn Beck are joined by the Reverend James Leg, keyboardist for LLC road buddies the Black Diamond Heavies. Leg’s rumbling organ and distorted electric piano give the duo more texture, especially on slow tunes like Pig Farm and Giving Tree. But the Cruisers’ main meat is still groovy beats and muddy slide guitar, dragging the blues through the brambles on the way back to its roots. Cracker Barrel, At the Denny’s and Shine brandish bottlenecks and keyboards like weapons; Weed Vodka grooves like a record on a turntable. Evans is still no great shakes as a singer, but he’s getting better. With Junkyard Speed Ball, the blues is in perfectly unsafe hands.

- Michael Toland

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