Saturday, February 12, 2011

Roger Miret and the Disasters - Gotta Get Up Now

Roger Miret and the Disasters
Gotta Get Up Now
People Like You

It just goes to show you how ignorant I am about current American punk rock that I didn’t realize we had our own version of Sham 69. But on Gotta Get Up Now, Roger Miret and the Disasters certainly hit those street punk notes, at least to my admittedly old fart ears. Not that it’s even remotely a bad thing. Songs about fighting authority, standing up for what’s right, self-confidence, pride and unity never go out of style (or at least they shouldn’t), and those are the subjects with which Miret is definitely obsessed. His Disasters (not to mention what sounds like a small army of backup vocalists) give him loud, simple support as he sings the praises of Outcast Youth, asserts that We’re Gonna Find a Way and demands that we Stand Up and Shout. (The only anomaly is JR, a clumsy country tune.) It almost sounds cheesy, even silly, but, like Jimmy Pursey and his crew, Miret gives everything he’s got – he’s not kidding, man, and you shouldn’t be either. If you’re gonna make a record that’s all about shoutalong choruses, catchy three-chord hooks, everypunk vocals and living a compromise-free life, you better have conviction, and Miret has more of that in half a song than most modern punk bands have in their entire careers.

- Michael Toland

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