Saturday, February 05, 2011

Monkey Island - Luxe et Redux

North-Londoners originating in the mid-nineties here shovel whole cavalcades of musical spheres into some sort of avant-garage hardcore shallow grave on a remote beach all in just over half an hour. Crisp, sinewy mod-ish riffs mirroring cocky, disdainful vocal sneers are pummelled by monstrous late-60's / 70's blues-metal licks & lashes, with sea-shanty asides & pageant-prog pomps (buttermilk, sing!sing!sing!) while tyrannical instrumental passages (see song for the puritan and it's spanglyier twin song of the puritan) litter largely jaunty voice-less frolics (stand-outs demockracy). No feather-capped folksy whimsy in this caustic tirade.
Stu Gibson

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