Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kings Destroy - And the Rest Shall Perish

Kings Destroy
And the Rest Will Surely Perish
Maple Forum

With And the Rest Will Surely Perish, New Yawk combo Kings Destroy have one of those LPs that’s hard to get terribly excited about but also impossible to dislike. Though the band is made up of guys with a solid punk ‘n’ roll background (including members of Electric Frankenstein and Uppercut), its stock-in-trade is doom-laden heavy rock a la Black Sabbath, Trouble, Cathedral and fifty million other bands. And that’s the problem – it’s difficult to argue that Kings Destroy is doing anything special here, or anything that hasn’t been done over and over. Cuts like The Whittler and Two Tons are solid and well-crafted, but don’t have much personality. On the other hand, that very solidity means that the record pushes the right buttons for stoner rock fans – I doubt anybody who digs the style will find anything disagreeable about Kings Destroy. But perhaps the members need to infuse the energy of their past associations into their current work, and give this perfectly respectable but uninspiring metal the kick in the ass it needs.

- Michael Toland

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