Monday, January 24, 2011

The Tenebrous Liar - Run Run Run
TV Records

Recorded in a three day tryst seemingly right on the back of previous revelation from the book of ragged disarry that is, was and will be, at a guess, JACKKNIFED AND SLAUGHTERED*, this new catclysmic incision from the productive Notts night-terrors surpasses that still further. It's still a morass of skulking grotesques suppurating from squalid grandeur but is if anything clawing it's way out of the quagmire, having, in some doubtless tremendous delirium, wound up a ten-Gallon Drunk in a Gun Club known to no man yet open to all. Once again there's the gloriously rancorous guitar scythings cutting through the fallout dustclouds of amorous dishevellment intoned with almost iridescently irrepressible rancour on the coruscatingly tempestuous, eloquent catastrophe of Western Skies - elegantly spatchcocking Joy Division's best bit to The Passenger piloted by Sonic Youth & a spat-tastic Jim & William Reid - enticingly queasy combo of The Sickness and Desire (reprised with endlessly renewable venemous nihilism near the end) the spluttering half-light dawning of Realise and closing crumblin coastline lament of Gaze Upon The Sea. Hell's teabags, they even hit the dancefloor in snub-nosed nimble-toed, knittin-needle behind your kneecap mode on Primed Lined And Centred. Yet the best may just be the Jonathan Richman regurgitating rhyme & treason on the stumble-stomp happy howl of Out. Suitably storming, have yerself a blast of shrugged, half-suggested greatness.
Stu Gibson

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