Monday, January 24, 2011

The Quireboys - Live In London
Global Music

Part of Global's Live & Loud CD/DVD sets (that includes a pretty gruesomely sizzly Twisted Sister reunion as well as Wednesday 13) aimed specifically at the spartan partisan's out there. This one from rejuvenated live mainstays The Quireboys comes with a flurry of fan / internet palaver about it being an unofficial release. Whichever way wears well, it matters not. Tis odd it's from almost a decade ago so maybe behind the scenes boredroom balladry did ensue, or the band felt the lack of fire amid the well performed bonhomie that rings a bit hollow. Anyway back to that whichever what way where. As a package, it's a bit scant (being a support show for, um, Thunder) to entice anyone but that most ardent collectivist, showcasing as it does their proclivity for regurgitating the same old riffs that they'd managed to rejig severely well in their brief '89-'90 hey day on the still 3/4 great A BIT OF WHAT YOU FANCY. They're still an entertaining night out as a rule but the live DVD ain't the most thrilling spectacle from your front room as you clear up a bit on a boozeless Sunday afternoon either, unless you're a female for whom Spike is something of the Colin Firth for thee, or are really short of Telecaster porn, however entertaining Guy Griffin's riffin (oh come on...) is at times. Face it, this should be stamped 'Does not contain Mayfair or Man On The Loose, never mind Sweet Mary Ann' & be done in a dumper. Wasted chance for a splendid celebration like the same label's recent Therapy? colossal live double.
Stu Gibson

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