Thursday, January 27, 2011

Motörhead - The Wörld is Yours

The Wörld is Yours
(UDR/Motörhead Music/EMI)

Another couple of years, another Motörhead LP. If you’re a fan (and if you’re not, you wouldn’t bother even noting a new record from Lemmy and company), you know exactly what to expect. The only things that separate one Motörhead album from another are their (very) occasional experiments with acoustic sounds or ballads or simply a lineup of killer tunes. Of the trio’s recent batch of albums, there’ve been some that stand out from the catalog (Inferno, Kiss of Death) and some that just fill out the M’s on your shelf (Motorizer, Hammered). There’s no envelope-pushing on The Wörld is Yours – this is an amphetamine-and-booze fueled heavy rock & roll album through and through. But Lemmy’s songwriting mojo is definitely in full effect.. You gotcher your blazing bad attitude (I Know How to Die, Born to Lose, Outlaw, Devils in My Hand), yer eyerolling come-ons (Waiting For the Snake), yer hammer-and-tongs social commentary (Brotherhood of Man) and yer growling middle finger salutes (I Know What You Need, Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye). No news there, but all these tunes come wrapped in gloriously loud air guitar-worthy riffs, sizzling solos, whiskey-fueled growls and sheer boogiepunk power, making The Wörld is Yours a definite check in the win column. Not that Lemmy wouldn’t kick our asses if we said otherwise.

The American edition comes with a 5-song DVD recorded at Germany's Wacken Open Air music festival in 2006.

- Michael Toland

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