Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mojomatics - Love Wild Fever / Heavy Dose Of Sympathy
Big Neck

One-off 7-inch sky rocket as part of Big Neck's singles club from Alien Snatch mainstays lands & slaps a megaton per inch squared of surly stratosphere-surfing garage squall through your slipstreams, without succumbing to the usual casual generic Sonics-stomps nor Stooges struts. Naw, tis an instantaneous raucous rush of nitrous noise supplanting all its glories in holes in your souls you're as yet unaware needed filling. The bike-chain buzz & instamatic sneer of early Makers marks many of the sluiced-grooves masquerading asd sly 60's beat-brigandage, while sweltering harmonica & sulphourous six-string admonishments to snide snatches offers sardonic succour whilst hauling the over-caned souls from shelter. Suffice to say, or splurt, no sympathy should is needed for these bedevilled miscreants.
Stu Gibson

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