Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Electric Wizard - Black Masses

Electric Wizard
Black Masses
Rise Above/Metal Blade

The usual hype about a band’s latest LP being its best yet tends to lead to cries of “Bullshit!” by the faithful, and who can really judge such things anyway? But Black Masses, the seventh album from Electric Wizard, may very well be the band’s gen-u-wine finest record. Apparently putting down the bong and picking up the blotter, the Dorset quartet injects more acid into its veins than ever before, giving its usual occult/drug/trash horror flick doom metal its foggiest psychedelic atmosphere yet. The tripped-out Satyr IX, Patterns of Evil and Turn On Your Mind exhibit the best kind of brain damaged psych rock rifforama, blasting into inner space. Even the LP’s heaviest tracks, a la Night Child, Scorpio Curse and the epic doomfest The Return of Evil, sound like they’re being piped in from a dimension dominated by liquid lightshows and bad trips. Owing as much to darkness-dwelling freaks like Loop and Spacemen 3 as to doom titans Black Sabbath and Cathedral, Black Masses gives Electric Wizard’s vision a throbbier, grungier, more swaggering trip down Brown Acid Lane.

- Michael Toland

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