Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cheap Freaks - Play 4 Songs
Big Neck

Centred round half of Dublin four-piece The Things, who seem to have gone the way of asbestos garages since reviewed in these hallowed dark spaces, these leak out from a similar vein but infuse a more soulful destitution than their previus outfits farfisa-fi-fi-finery. After yours stuly started it off at the wrong speed & almost succumbing to the Vanilla Fudge fumage it hits with a psychogarage stomp of slack-jawed but inspiredly wired intensity with Caesar The Deceiver discarding some superbly sparkly & dypsodelic dysfunctional guitar grunk, 1984 is a trash-can blue moon rattler while Nowhere To Go careens cross city boundaries with kerbstones as plectrums chauffering Chuck Berry to hustle The Heartbreakers territory for some payback. Closer Something Wrong laces lacerated Southside, almost Sylvain-ian soul & Mink Deville swagger into the spirited mix for a walk on the window ledge of the psychward - a tumultuous conclusion full of gloriously gruesome guitar gristle & vocal caterwauling. Grab your warder by the cuffs.
Stu Gibson

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