Monday, December 13, 2010

Therapy? - We're Here To The End

'Happy people have no stories...'

'There's a big riff approaching' states Andy Cairns matter-of-factly at the start of Enjoy The Struggle. And by the Lord's fuck-forks they continue in this two-disc celebration of their two decade (christ on stilts I remember seeing 'em at Hull Uni on the back of Pleasure Death / Baby Teeth - wow, those names sprung from nowhere of a sudden!) span. Eschewing the trite trappings of playing a classic album (which depending what it was would have made the set even shorter than that they played at Hull way back when, when we were severely disgruntled by the brevity where now with the tyrannical cynicism overdose vs addictions of oldness it would possibly be a blessing) they choose instead a thundering, clanking, tumultuous tirade through their colossal back catalogue. Tis a cauldron seething with the caustic stench of maturing angst steaming painfully wry nihilism, bittersweet turmoil & savage humour with strafing tracer riffs slashing down like steel rain to spice old wounds strapped in for dear life for trips to the darklands by their trademark drum commandments. Here the whole broadswording rampage is honest to lusty goodness & god bless yer horror liver than you possibly want it but should need it, it's all head at the front monitor intestinally-dismantling & swirling ceilings with distended walls. Definitely liver than bombs. Untouched but utterly true, a trait evident in their innate ability to never seemed contrived even in the most possibly whinge-cringey & managing to remain inventive even in the chuggiest detuned metal moments, deftly stomping all over Marylin Manson & Pantera twaddle in the process with nary a bead of sweat in sarcastic salvation. But that's the same as a Thunders ballad & some emo crime statistic. Facing shit head on. In a sprightly aside of fence-sitting, this really would suit the archivist of therapeutic remedies or serve several purposes as a viable collection of vaguely revealed half-hits & smashed-chest pieces.
Stullysses S Gaunt
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