Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Electricutions - Locked Gates / Lonely Roads
Big Neck

A tad more trad p'raps from Big Neck's backyard with this distinct blast of angularly jangly DC chaos. Nine songs & 21 minutes of rabid rough 'n' rumble righteous rancour & hell, ain't it about time somone started saying something more than politics is pants & the church's solace is incontinent. You could argue with the punk diaspora since Dischord's heydays it's a step backwards to revisit the old basements but that would bely the urgent intelligence offered here, as well as glory-trashes like Occupied and desparate piledrives like Radio Washington. Nay, I say nay, empty political prattle from some campus twat that heard California Uber Alles once or twice at some really 'out there' party & while it isn't maybe gonna (re)define your doctrines it more than merits a plug. Sounds like it was scratched out in a room, making The Clash seem big budget, so why not submit it to your own.
Stu Gibson
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