Friday, October 29, 2010

Dusted Angel - Earth Sick Mind

Dusted Angel
Earth Sick Mind

Revolving around members of obscure punk/metal crossover pioneer Bl’ast, Dusted Angel reflects those roots pretty loudly on its debut platter Earth Sick Mind. Admittedly, the punk portion comes mainly from Clifford Dinsmore’s hoarse shout, but let’s face it: the words ain’t what Dusted Angel is about. As with most bands of this ilk (COC, the usual Sabbath clones), the raison d’etre is to fill up every inch of sonic space with tower-stomping riffs and thundering rhythms. Maybe there’s some point to Seeking the Dawn, Pulverizer and Tards on Shards, but who wants to bother parsing it when you can just bang your head and pound on your air guitar? The kind of aggressive sludge disgorged by Dusted Angel is about sensation, not meaning. Click off the synapses and just get push your arms in the sonic muck up to the elbows and everything will be fine.

- Michael Toland
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