Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Corrosion of Conformity & Righteous Fool 7"s

Corrosion of Conformity
Your Tomorrow 7”
Righteous Fool
Forever Flames + Edict of Worms 7”
Southern Lord

As Corrosion of Conformity is in one of its cyclical hiatuses while singer/guitarist Pepper Keenan rapes and pillages with Down, the other guys in the band (the ones who founded the group in the first place, remember) need to do somedamnthing while waiting for Keenan to come crawling triumphantly back. Hence, two separate-but-equal things going on in the COC camp. One is that bassist/singer Mike Dean, guitarist Woody Weatherman and drummer Reed Mullin are simply carrying on without Keenan – not a difficult task, considering this lineup created the classic Animosity. Though hardly a return to the furious metalpunk of that slab, Your Tomorrow (either one long song split in two, or two different versions of the same tune) rips nicely, putting a punky energy to COC’s swampy riff rock. This version of the band is promising a full-length record, which may be pretty asskicking on the evidence of this.

The other rumbling comes from Righteous Fool, which is Dean and Mullin swapping out Weatherman for guitarist Jason Browning and carrying on as before. Seriously, except for the absence of Woodroe, there’s really no reason these couldn’t have been COC songs. Good ones, too – Forever Flames grooves to a similar punk/hard rock aesthetic as Your Tomorrow, while Edict of Worms sounds like a master class in how to do stoner rock right(eous). With Dean leading the charge, it’s unclear why he couldn’t have saved this for COC, but if he has to call it Righteous Fool to be this inspired, I’ve got no problem switching out the monogrammed towels.

- Michael Toland
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