Saturday, October 02, 2010

Kiria : 'Radio' (Koochie Koo Records)

Her first band was called ‘Suck Baby Suck’ and she has a preference for wearing leopard print latex catsuits in her promo photos. The biog that accompanies debut album ‘One’ positions London based Kiria in the pop-punk arena and references The Buzzcocks and Sex Pistols, but this is in fact a broader ranging set of songs encompassing reggae, ballads and more amongst the twelve tracks on offer. It is an accomplished debut but doesn’t stick in any particular style for very long. On the one hand that keeps things interesting and means there is much here to choose from, whatever your musical preference. On the other hand, sleazegrinding readers of this website will probably want to cherry pick the harder edged and scuzzier numbers such as straight-outta the gutter closing number ‘Live Sex on Stage’, Kiria’s collaboration with comedian Paul Kaye (aka alter-egos Dennis Pennis/Mike Strutter) and avoid the more middle-of-the road moments. Check out for more info, pictures and sounds.

Alex Eruptor

Bonus: Q&A Interview with Kiria

Hey Kiria, welcome to First up let’s get the formalities out of the way....what are you here to plug?
Your ass! 

Your shows look kind of crazy. Does anyone ever get injured?
Yes! I have so many “Strutter” scars, my legs are a well bashed up Rock And Roll masterpiece! In fact I’m still badly bruised and cut from our last gig and that was now 6 days ago.. Paul Kaye at a recent one came away with a growth on his arm that swelled to the size of a pineapple. The hospital said it was a rare injury that normally only happens to old codgers and grannies. Perhaps it rubbed off the wheelchair I pushed him off stage in….

Your album contains a real mix of styles but you seem to be particularly into the pop punk type of sound. Rate the following bands out of ‘10’:
Ramones 10/10
Buzzcocks 10/10
Undertones 5/10
Shampoo 10 out of 10 for embarrassment factor!
The Donnas Oh, do I have to?!

You have a song about ‘Live Sex on Stage’. On that theme....rate the following ‘sex’ songs out of ‘10’:

Sex Action (LA Guns) 6/10
Sex Party (The Quireboys) 9/10
Sex Drive (WASP) 5/10
Animal [Fuck Like A Best] (WASP) Can’t I have fuck you like an animal by NIN? That’s a 10!
Anything by Zodiac Mindwarp!!! Ok, I’ll give 10/10 for the AMAZING video for Backseat Education!!!! Classy….

Related to this website is the ‘movies about girls’ podcast and website. Will there ever be a Kiria movie?
Hell yeah! I’m starring in a film next year, so, yeah!!

If you could snort the ashes of any dead rock star, who would you choose?
Lux Interior, definitely….

Any final words of wisdom to share?
Yeah, life is short, so kick as many asses as you can before you pop your clogs!

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