Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Black River - Black'N'Roll

Black River

Black River is made up of members of Behemoth and Dimmu Borgir, among others, but it’s not a black metal supergroup. Instead, the Polish band hops in a muscle car, pops the top on a brew and blazes down the road with bad intent, chains on wrists, cigs hitting the tarmac and halter-topped chicks in the back seat. BR is hardly the only black metal side project that lets its hair down (see also: Chrome Division, another hard rock & roll outfit made of Dimmu Borgir folks), nor is it necessarily the best. But the band cherrypicks the nasty bits of Motörhead, the Backyard Babies, Black Label Society and the Spiritual Beggars, riffs flowing like beer, rhythms rolling like an avalanche and the sneers snarling like wolverines after a 12-pack. Singer Taff has a pretty thick accent, but as long as he growls right and the guitars rip properly, it doesn’t much matter. In the right light, Loaded Weapon, Like a Bitch and Lucky in Hell may not be your Miss Right, but they can certainly be your Miss Right Now.

- Michael Toland
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