Thursday, August 19, 2010

Black Sleep of Kali - Our Slow Decay

Our Slow Decay
Small Stone

I never would have imagined that American postpunk would be an influence on today’s underground metal bands, but there it is. (Considering that the DC scene that spawned American postpunk back in the 80s also hosted stoner rock innovator the Obsessed, I shouldn’t be surprised. Ian MacKaye worshipped Obsessed leader Wino and J. Robbins of Jawbox produces stoner and heavy rock bands all the time.) On Our Slow Decay, the debut full-length from Denver’s Black Sleep of Kali, strains of Fugazi and Jawbox run as deep as those of Cathedral and Neurosis. Like all of the bands just mentioned, BSoK keeps a firm grip on melody, even if it’s just to hold it down while giving it a good pummeling. Frontbeast Taylor Williams can shout and roar with the best of ‘em, but keeps his vocal exhortations within the realm of articulation. Big Sky, The Crow and the Snake and Eulogy bash and crash, crunch and munch, but always with an eye toward accessibility, or at least as close to it as a band whose name invokes the Hindu goddess of eternal energy can be. Harsh, dissonant, imaginative and strangely catchy, Black Sleep of Kali could easily be the face of contemporary metal.

- Michael Toland
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