Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zoroaster - Matador


Zoroaster has always dusted its Southern-fried metallic doom with a healthy amount of angel dust. But for Matador (full-length album #3), the Atlanta trio hasn’t just drunk the Kool-Aid – it’s bathed in it. Encrusted with enough reverb and echo to make Hawkwind shiver with pleasure, Firewater, Odyssey and Black Hole toss great fistfuls of hardening lava into the deepest reaches of outer space. Odyssey II and Old World luxuriate in psychedelic texture and cosmic meditation, contemplating their beards with ears glued to amplifiers. The massive influx of psilocybin admittedly makes the band less heavy than on previous platters, but trading poundage for freakiness seems like a fair trade to me. The next time you’re blasting off to visit the Blue Area of the moon to commune with the Watcher, Matador is your soundtrack.

- Michael Toland
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