Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Suicidal Angels - Sanctify the Darkness

Suicidal Angels
Sanctify the Darkness
Sonic Unyon

In the ever-fragmented parlance of heavy metal, the banner Suicidal Angels fall under is “blackened thrash.” From the sound of Sanctify the Darkness, the Greek quartet’s second record and first to hit Yankee shores, “blackened thrash” = “sounds like Celtic Frost after too much coffee.” Guitarist Panos and drummer Orfeas whip back and forth like stampeding buffalo changing direction at a cliff’s edge; bassist Angel anchors the potential chaos with almost subliminal tones and occasional fleet-fingered flourishes. Frontdude Nick’s guttural growl digs deep into the crust, belching out provocative but startlingly legible treatises on Beyond the Laws of Church and The Pestilence of Saints. (The motives behind Child Molester remain unclear.) The Angels eschew Frost’s artsy-fartsy streak, concentrating on straight brutality, but do appreciate their forebears’ experimentation with light and shade. It’s too early to tell if the band is truly something exceptional, but put ‘em on a metal package tour and Suicidal Angels will surely set the headbangers’ locks a-twirling.

- Michael Toland
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