Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Devil's Blood - The Time of No Time Evermore

The Devil’s Blood
The Time of No Time Evermore

The band is from non-native English-speaking Europe, their name invokes the Adversary and they claim to be dedicated Satanists. The Time of No Time Evermore has gotta be black metal, right? Makes sense – they’re called the Devil’s Blood, f’chrissakes – but not in the universe these Dutch daemons inhabit. Led by guitarist SL and singer F. the Mouth of Satan, the band hearkens back to the early 70s, when psychedelia was morphing into hard rock, darkness became an acceptable substitute for peace and/or love and strident chick singers were still allowed to hang off the Marshall stacks. Actually, there seems to be a mini-movement afoot to bring back that era, what with Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth also lurking about. But the Devil’s Blood have the spotlight at the moment, and they deserve it.

The Time of No Time Evermore is brilliant, a heavy rock acid trip disguised as a Luciferian manifesto. Whether it’s on the fist-pumping arena metal of Rake Your Nails Across the Firmament and Christ or Cocaine (which oughta have the late Ronnie James Dio smiling in whatever afterlife he’s floating through), the riproaring rocka rolla of Queen of My Burning Heart and Evermore, the brooding folk rawk of Angel’s Prayer and I’ll Be Your Ghost, the psychedelic haze of House of 10,000 Voices or the massive prog metal anthemry of The Anti-Kosmik Magick, the Blood runs hot and red. F.’s Grace Slick-after-getting-fired vocals soar like tarnished angels and SL’s licks mold riffs and textures into horns-throwing six-string sculptures. Above all, melody rules – every track here is catchy as, well, hell. As with any self-proclaimed allies of Old Scratch, it’s unclear how seriously we should take their shtick, but from a musical standpoint, the Devil’s Blood is unassailable.

- Michael Toland
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