Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Josiah - Procession


After three albums, British power rock trio Josiah announced a breakup, and leader Mat Bethancourt moved on to the garage-rocking Cherry Choke almost immediately. (He also leads the acid-soaked Kings of Frog Island.) But Josiah had one more album in it before the end, and this is it. Bethancourt and his cohorts don’t do anything different than they’ve done before, but they don’t need to – Procession is definitely a case of not trying to fix what ain’t broken. Josiah preaches the gospel according to Blue Cheer, with a couple of chapters from the books of Foghat and the MC5, and keeps to the letter of the divine law. Fat riffs, thundering rhythms, macho (but never obnoxious) vocals, tube-frying leads – it’s all here, played with the love and spirit of true believers. Cue up Malpaso, Thirteen Scene and Looking at the Mountain for some righteous kicks – the band is heading down the long gone highway in a blaze of fuzz rock glory. How Small Stone missed Josiah all these years remains a mystery.

- Michael Toland
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