Saturday, December 04, 2010

Urban Junior - two headed demon
Voodoo Rhythm

More one man band adventures via the ever-vauntable VR vaults to shatter shelves alongside Schooley, King Automatic & the Rev Beatman himselvis & what an amusing multitude of mellifluous-massacring arousement it is. Superscuzz Sonics garage guitar swill with organ-agitational Beasties electro-scrunch for some supremely soddem (? sodden but sod-'em works as well) momentousness amid slight graceless garage gamut (man on the run) & electro-hash of the title track, but with the opening Panzer-klank hot shit from switzerland & gargantuan with the idiots via middle riff-manacles girl like you & mensch oder tier plus the cutest kiss-off final cut ever this sure is something to swing the heartache a million miles away to. One of the only times ever self-hype will out, for tis surely as the opener decrees, & you'll cleave Saturday's hangover with closing nursery rhyme we love urban jr.
Sturban Gibson Jr

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