Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Astrosoniq - Quadrant

Exile On Mainstream

With one foot in the mud and the other kicking comets out of the way, Astrosoniq comes blasting out of the Netherlands with its third LP Quadrant. The band reaches for the stars, gulping acid by the fistful, but can’t seem to completely let go of its earthbound roots. Cloud of Decay, Downfall Lover and Play It Straight (quite) mix the swooshing propulsion of space rock with the dirtier slam of power rock, riding huge, jagged riffs and theatrical vocals that inspire more headbanging than navelgazing. Bloom adds some pedal steel and redneck rock & roll to the mix, as if the aliens landed in the middle of a Confederacy of Scum convention. Sin mixes acoustic guitars, a melancholy melody and an added dollop of sleaze. The acid does kick in, though, especially on the 14-minute As Soon As They Got Airborne, a freaky psychedelic anthem that shoots every arrow in Astrosoniq’s quiver and comes up aces (and spades). Pure cosmic crunch, emphasis on the sound of bones cracking.

- Michael Toland

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