Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rotor - 4


Germany’s Rotor is nothing if not consistent. Its appropriately titled fourth album is in the same vein as its previous work: angular psychedelic hard rock with melodies that stick and jams that stay focused. De Weisse Angst and Costa Verde flow over the speakers like the molten heart of a cracked star, all dark chocolate guitars and cosmic vibes. Derwisch rocks like your favorite 70s metal band after it fired that annoying-as-all-hell singer that sang like a castrated badger and drank all the beer.

The difference here is the addition of vocals to a pair of tracks, to inconclusive effect. Andre Dietrich’s screech does nothing to improve the fortunes of the angry An3R4. Nico Kozik’s vox are far more appropriate to the cover of the Obsessed’s Neatz Brigade, but said version is so faithful to the original it seems kind of pointless. Wanting to expand beyond your own self-imposed boundaries is a good thing, but the larynx experiments don’t put Rotor on any plane it couldn’t have raised itself to by doing well what it always does.

- Michael Toland

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