Saturday, November 27, 2010

Los Explosivos - Sonidos Rocanrol!!!

Los Explosivos
Sonidos Rocanrol!!!
Get Hip/Primitiv

As we all know already, rock & roll knows no national or cultural boundaries – indeed, if the country that invented it (the U.S.) was the sole caretaker of the whole three chords-and-a-cloud-of-dust thing, the whole shebang would’ve choked to death two decades ago on a lethal cocktail of synthetic R&B and American Idol. Fortunately, there are bands like Mexico City’s Los Explosivos around to keep us gringos honest. Sonidos Rocanrol!!!, the young quartet’s second LP, doesn’t fuck around – the band gets down to business knocking stripped down blasts of guitars/bass/drums rock/pop out of the park with as little fuss as possible. Quick rips like Voy Corriendo, No Puedes Salir and Bailando!!! are simply catchy and exciting blasts from the garage that do nothing but jump around the room and knock over the furniture. Singing drummer Ernesto proves himself a charismatic frontdude, though he graciously cedes the mic to Cynics vocalist Michael Kastelic for a cover the MoodsYou’ve Got Another Think Comin’. The band adds a spoonful of psychedelia to Amapola for variety, but doesn’t need any tricks or gimmicks beyond its own youthful verve to live up to its name.

- Michael Toland

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