Friday, October 08, 2010

US Christmas - Run Thick In the Night

US Christmas
Run Thick In the Night

It seems like there’s been an explosion of psychedelic rock in the indie underground of late. And I do mean rock, not pop – we’re talking about kids for whom Hawkwind, post-Syd Barrett Pink Floyd and the more ugly and frenzied side of the hippie dream rule, not gentile worshippers of Brian Wilson and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. (Not that there’s a blessed thing wrong with that, mind you.) This ain’t Elephant 6, in other words – it’s all long, drawn-out jams, grunged-out slide guitar echoes, minor-key melodies, outer space dynamics, clenched-teeth vocals…the sound of the brown acid taking its toll. US Christmas may be a bit heavier than its peers – hence its presence on the label run by freak metal icon Neurosis – but otherwise the North Carolina band fits right in with the current acid nightmare scene on Run Thick In the Night. Whether it’s a forlorn ballad like Fire is Sleeping or Devil’s Flower in Mother Weather or a sprawling epic like The Moon in Flesh and Bone or In the Night, USX weave a psychedelic spell as potent as that by any other mystic. Open your third eye and get that nail ready.

- Michael Toland

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