Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Sleeping Karma - Tri

My Sleeping Karma

Several years ago I bought an album by the legendary German Krautrock trio Guru Guru. I was on the fence about the genre and figured that this band, a basic power trio with cosmic tendencies, would be my easiest entryway into that singular universe. I was mistaken – the record I bought seemed to be nothing but longwinded jams that had more in common with the Grateful Dead than anything I thought of as spacey, cosmic or even psychedelic. I doubt I spun it more than a couple of times.

My Sleeping Karma’s Tri is what I imagined Guru Guru would sound like. This German power trio still meanders, but does so with a purpose – nothing here sounds like mindless jamming. Instead the band deliberately, carefully, sometimes even lazily unfolds its melodies, letting the guitars ring and chime more often than rage and the rhythms undulate while moving ever forward. Brahama, Saragvati and the gorgeous Takshmi are as much about the space in between the stars as the stars themselves, as if we’re traveling at just under light speed, calmly appreciating the vastness of space without stinting on the propulsion. Space rock at its finest.

(For what it’s worth, my entry point into Krautrock turned out to be Faust. Go figure.)

- Michael Toland

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