Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Red Giant - Dysfunctional Majesty

Red Giant
Dysfunctional Majesty
Small Stone

Red Giant used to live up to its name, putting a spacey, cosmic spin on good old-fashioned heavy rock & roll. Most of the psych element has been purged from their sound in recent years, but that’s ultimately been a good thing. Instead of trying to out-freak Monster Magnet, the Cleveland quartet has concentrated on just rocking the fuck out, something at which it’s quite good at, as Dysfunctional Majesty proves. The band’s third record bursts at the glowing seams with thick, meaty riffs that spill out over the edges of Million Point Buck, Never Touch the Lens and Lamentations. Frontdude Alex Perekrest boasts a nice, healthy growl, but it’s really Damien Perry’s six-string wizardry that’s the Giant’s most compelling calling card. The band rocks perfectly good ass without him, but once he uncorks, Red Giant turns deadly. The album’s apotheosis is Weird Problems, a six-string ensorcelled epic that could only be followed by a palette-cleansing AC/DC cover (Let There Be Rock, natch). Dysfunctional? Not hardly. Majesty? Oh, yeah.

- Michael Toland

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