Friday, August 06, 2010


"We Sick"/"Holy Man" 7"
Yeah Right!

Originally released in February as a free download from Buddyhead, these two scorching singles from L.A. scuzz rockers The Icarus Line are now available on a pretty urine-yellow (or "clear green fuzz") slab of vinyl. Reeking of sweat and sex, "We Sick" pulses like thunder in the distance on a blistering August afternoon, guitar licks charged with electricity and the promise of release. "Feel the heat push its way out from the ghettos/All the hopeless fuckers dried up for the summer" oozes lead singer Joe Cardamone, as I suck drops of water from a rapidly-melting ice cube. If "We Sick" is the smoldering tension in the air before the storm hits, "Holy Man" is the storm, all searing psych guitars and thunderclap drumbeats. "Maybe we were just on the scene/Maybe we were just glittering/Here comes your Holy Man" raves Joe, as the storm rages on. This band is headed straight for the sun. I hope the wax doesn't melt.

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