Saturday, August 28, 2010

HeWhoCannotBeNamed - Sunday School Massacre

Sunday School Massacre
Greedy/MVD Audio

The occasionally dead guitarist for infamous shock rockers the Dwarves, HeWhoCannotBeNamed apparently harbors a sensitive soul under his Mexican wrestling mask. Sunday School Massacre, his debut solo album, has plenty of irreverence, as evidenced by psychocomic songs like Duct Tape Love, Daddy is Dead and Happy Suicide. But He also puts his sizzling licks to the service of tunes like Superhero, which expresses a hopeful, even uplifting point of view, and Toxine, which takes a sympathetic look at an addict who’s just looking for love. Particularly notable is Machine Boy, a brilliant track inspired by a patient in the facility for troubled youth at which He works when not splintering bones or flashing club crowds. Requiring body braces and a breathing apparatus due to enough physical disabilities to make even Rush Limbaugh feel a sympathetic pang, the poor kid spends his days reading superhero comics. Machine Boy is He’s tribute to the kind of superhero the boy might imagine himself to be, with lyrical assistance from the young man himself. If that’s not enough to tug at your heartstrings, you’re one cold motherfucker. Wielding melodic punk/hard rock tuneage that’s reminiscent of the Adolescents circa Balboa Fun*Zone and backed by his Dwarvian cohorts, He puts his heart on his sleeve right next to his dick on Sunday School Massacre.

- Michael Toland

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