Sunday, August 01, 2010

Brian Johnson - Rockers And Rollers

'Rock'n'rollers have been writing about cars since cars started looking like rock'n'roll'

A refreshingly, what what, unique take on the tireder than a Clapton guitar solo band trout book template of the struggle-signed-success-tour-repeat-to-tears-of- tedium from the AC/DC frontman's 'automotive autobiography'. None of that here. Not even considered. Short anecdotal chapters or excerpts from a life on many roads & stages, you'll find yerself stifling sniggers no matter what scenario you're reading in then not caring and indiscriminately issuing grade 1 listed guffaws. There's still poignancy in the humour and vice versa but from car mishaps, tributes to musical compadres such as Donald 'Duck' Dunn, his current DC'ers, old Geordie cohorts, myriad cars, and, erm, Jimmy Nail, to weird roadcrew (or weird-ER); exploding haggis dilemmas (not the guy from Zodiac & The Cult - that'd be odd, like); his own piss-off-the-natives to rival Ozzy vs The Alamo (basically relieving the eponymous Johnson upon Sputnik in front of heavily armed Russian military chaps) this is an entertaining guide through an arsenal of one-liners ('these cars make my arse feel like a breakway republic...' 'she had a laugh like a hyena getting its balls chewed off by a not very hungry lion'). As you may - and should, surely by now - expect, Jonna comes across as one of the few rock stars left who say what the hell they want but also remains not a huge deal different from an old geezer sat in the corner of a pub with cheese & onion sanger. He's aware he's a lucky bugger, but he's also plucky as well as a walking Viz (beyond geographical similarities) & you'll come away full of back-slapping why aye he deserves it. And he does. And you deserve this. So off ye gan, and tip a cap or two.

'I'm a lucky lad. I've never believed in God as such, but if there has to be one, then let it be the one who looked after me. He's cool'.

Stu Gibson

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