Saturday, July 24, 2010

Th Legendary Shack Shakers - Agri . dustrial
Colonel Knowledge / Thirty Tigers

'It's a full-time gig eatin' sin-on-the-cob' - Sin Eater

'Nothing here grows but grey hairs in our coffins' - The Lost Cause

Fittingly entitled little number as this new state of the damned nation from glowering inferno Colonel J.D. Wilkes and crew immerse their already incendiary slurry of haunted Southern hillbilly cow'n'tree barrage into pricklier hedges and sledgehammer it with heavier, darker broadsides courtesy of two-pronged scheme of new git-tar heister Duane Denison of Jesus Lizard and Tomahawk and their sampling of scrapyard desecration (well, a blacksmith's yard) to use as per(con?)cussion. Tis a combination spawning a worthy harvest, despite its claustrophobic aura and tendency to merge into one morass as it hurtles around the edges of a stricken society. LAND OF RAPE AND HONEY it ain't, nor does it surpass the bazookabilly glee and system shock of debut COCKADOODLEDON'T, but tracks such as, Sin Eater, Two Tickets, Dixie Iron Fist, the spoken word recounting of murders hot off the press The Hills Of Hell and glorious church service waltz of The Lost Cause all serve to construct a short, stark, scathing testament to darkening times. Ploughing history and allegory more than say Dead Kennedy's direct political swipes and satire it nevertheless stands as a staunch express courier service of provocation with the likes of Steve Earle, Henry Rollins and fan Jello Biaffra.

'Well, the Law is like sausage; they both are great
But nobody wants to see how either get made' - Nightride

Stu Gibson

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