Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dead Brothers - 5th Sin-Phonie
Voodoo Rhythm

A more than welcome return to the frayed edges of menace and decadence with no refrain for the disembodied eternal wake of Matthias Lincke and Alain Croubalian. They themselves call it Delinquent Jazz, which is an adequate enticement to decant this Pandora's frock full of enchantments. Exotic Odyssey contains a line about 'toxic rhumba' - both terms which also may suffice and let little slivers of light into their open-plan big store of secret charms, cobwebs, grimoires, cookbooks for crackpots, dissections and anatomical defects too drastic even for the Hunterian Museum*. Whatever it is this is a macabre descent into fantastical grotesque fields of fancy like stepping over a crack in the pavement and finding yourself navigating winding hilltop passes where you sense you're being watched and wisps of these songs are carried on the breeze. Or are they voices from the ridge beyond you luring you perilously close to crevices that may be the end of the path or a gap in your mind you have a strange desire to plummet down like some sacred fruit of instinct? This is cross-continental music of the mountains fusing pilgrim gospel, gypsy jigs and grimly gripping and uplifting death dirges with snake-charm waltzes, chamber-group orchestrations and sinister Deutsche language incantations (Langenthal) that will resurrect shadows in your complacency when least expected. Oh and surreptitious covers of Bela Lugosi's Dead and Teenage Kicks that go beyond any insinuations of novelty by benefitting greatly from the cello-led cortege supplied by these waiters of the wastelands.
Stu Gibson
*Hunterian Museum

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Michael said...

Odd, but I dig 'em.

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