Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ramesses - Take the Curse

Take the Curse
Ritual Productions

There’s a tune on this, the second full-length album from Dorset, England’s Ramesses, which perfectly describes the band’s sound: Black Hash Mass. Take your average, Black Sabbath-inspired, Luciferian heavy metal, add a quart or so of your favorite hallucinogenic, and presto: Take the Curse. Hardly unexpected, of course, given that 2/3 of the trio rose from the funny-smelling ashes of the first lineup of Electric Wizard. Like Jus Osborn’s crew, guitarist Tim Bagshaw, drummer Mark Greening and bassist/mouthpiece Adam Richardson filter their love of the occult through a haze of freaky Eurotrash horror movies and cheap fright fiction, with sampled film quotes as emphasis. Unlike their former employer, these boys rarely rev up past a midtempo grind, layering riffs thicker than wooly mammoth skulls across drums that traverse the terrain like King Kong on a bender. Richardson occasionally croons like a wolf in love , but mostly digs deep into his own bowels for a landscape-devouring gurgle that makes even the silliest lyrics sound threatening. Iron Saw, Hand of Glory and Baptism of the Walking Dead sound exactly the way you’d guess they sound: like hellspawn tripping on Blue Sunshine and looking to party. As bonkers as the 60s/70s horror era that inspired it, the gripping, goofy Take the Curse is a hell of a good time.

- Michael Toland

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