Friday, May 14, 2010

The Starline Rhythm Boys - Masquerade For Heartache
Cow Island

Following on from last year's opus of the awesome that is was and always will be Hal, Hank & Harlan - Live At Charlie-O's World Famous - here's the drip-tray detritus of delights folks. The sludge that didn't make it outta town on the shirt-tails of it's elder cousin. Hahhaaa. Might only be about half the pitcher full of it's elder sibling of staggering swagger but it isnae any delusional spritzer or filigree filler. Rockabilly fused honky-tonk, sweetly blossoming swing and twinklin' country two-steps from every groove amid hover-heeled harmonies, mood-mooning pedal steel and George Jones with salty-soul vocals, can these cats lay out an authentic table as they collide into and intermingle with those idle patrons who loiter over the window menu with false discernment in tingling scintillating manner. Indeed. P'raps as only veterans can but also it's kinda apparent these weren't no rank & file from the get go, seen not least in Al Lemery's well-toned (if not tongued) & tasty Telecaster trickery. And as a mark of how attuned and viscerally connected to their trade they are, the originals here don't so much stand shoulder-square with the covers, they blast new belt-buckles and smelt the precursors into spare spurs for extra kick. And that includes such vaulted & venerated pillars of sobriety like Ubangi Stomp, Workin' Man Blues and Mess Of Blues alongside lesser lights on the ever-sparkling dashboard like Link Davis' Trucker From Tennessee. Simply put I'll a splutter into saying these guys just fucking sizzle. Get me a ticket for an aeroplane, maybe I'll take a fast train. Fuck foreign policies with a sprightly pincer movement or two before elevenses just sit and think for a second & that of any given Saturday these boys are braising some bar in Boston or Vermont while over in some Texan hooch-hut Two Tons Of Steel (who incidentally, also possess a chap who creates new sites ripe for construction out of a 'mere' Telecaster) are doing similar. Buy it now or i surely WILL have a bloody hammer. In the mean time allow these guys to hammer your mind out.
Stu Gibson

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