Friday, May 14, 2010

Niagara & The Hitmen - St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Steel Cage

Australia ducks down in arid Dresden-deserts with Detroit ramalama on this maelstromic reunion of sorts. It all links in with vamp Niagara being 'er from Ron Ashetons post-Stooges motor city mob-hands Destroy All Monsters and Dark Carnival while The Hitmen are the long-standing trench-snipers centred on ex-Radio Birdman gattling-guitar gouger Chris "Klondike" Masuak. They'd all crossed paths in '91 when Dark Carnival trekked the outback then this hook-up when Niagara was in town at an art show. That little titbit and a(nother) sullen slew of Stooges songs isn't that tantalising a prospect, hinting at slovenly, aimless, desultory plods to pad out time masquerading as majestic drones from camp psych on high. But there's some pedigree here, right? Ayuss, & more. Cast aside all, or, a distinct salvo anyhaps, of presumptuous aspersions of getting mired in an endless motor city traffic jam as there's a fearsome slaughter gonna stain yer seats here. P'raps Niagara's shriek ain't for all ears - reaching it's peak of ear-scraping-with-razorwire rattle on TV Eye - and she isn't as ennervatingly engagingly loopy as a Texacala but the couple each of DAM songs - their noted Bored aswell as notable polemics from The Runaways elder devil-sister on You're Gonna Die and Anyone Can Fuck Her along with the closing brace from the bullet-belts of the Hitmen in the svelte speed-jitter shapes & japes of Another Lost Weekend's sprightly new wave nihilism and Death By The Gun - debateably the best two tracks here - along with a coupla vids for your multimedia pleasure (oh, and a open-topped, loose-lipped crawl through someone's underbelly secreted at the end) make for a pretty damn slobberin' n' grubby album. As they should be.
Stu Gibson

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