Monday, May 17, 2010

Let the Night Roar - s/t

Let the Night Roar

I have to admit: when I first spun Let the Night Roar, the debut by the power trio of the same name, I thought maybe I’d put an old High On Fire record on by mistake. The psychedelic doom riffage, angry dinosaur plod, tribal rhythm shifts and bronchitis bark sound awfully familiar. I’ll be charitable and assume the three dudes in Let the Night Roar merely love the same bands as HoF (i.e. Black Sabbath and Celtic Frost), though LtNR’s lyrics are more bloodthirsty than Matt Pike’s. I don’t need to be nice to admit that Jeff Joseph J and his wingmen do the crungeblast stomp pretty well – a tune like Blood For Blood makes me want to grab a guitar, tune down and plug it into the nearest amp cranked past 11. Let the Night Roar (the band) may verge on cloning at the moment, but Let the Night Roar (the album) is enjoyable enough to make me hope the band finds its own voice as it continues to evolve.

- Michael Toland

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