Friday, May 14, 2010

Cypher 16 - The Man Of The Black Abyss
Constant Evolution

Techno-sludge power-rock assault with intelligent depths but a surfeit of over-earnest pretentiousness that transpires is an unexpectedly enticing flight that'll catch Muse fans in it's wake as much as Metallica or Soundgarden. Hard to love its morass of try too hard fusing of riff-tyranny with irrelevant cut and paste electro-pouts and some disastrously overly cringeworthy lyrics. For all the hype surrounding their youth and their bagging contacts and concerts out of their league, like we're on the verge of a new metal continent that'll bring world peace there isn't much more than a hint, if that, of any great new gospel to grasp onto, aside from segments of atmospheric tirades (nee, bluster) Reaper and Stains Of Time suggest it could be anything more than an intriguing sheen to slice asunder in future. What'll probably happen is that the general public will latch onto some sub-Radiohead witterings about militarism and ersatz ecological policies and painless soul-searching and thus they'll be the new voice of the disaffected dung-beetle imbeciles on the street and university campus. Their uninvolving remoteness will no doubt be taken as a stance against exhibitionist chin-stroking, so solidifying their own cult. Of what is the cypher perhaps.
Stu Gibson

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