Saturday, May 08, 2010

Black Diamond Heavies - Alive As Fuck
Alive Naturalsound

Live swelter-belter from this monstrous moonshaftin organ n' drums devil-baiting pairing of hoodoo hoe-downers. Bristling with more grimacing grunt n'groan and swivel than any of their studio struts, live as hell as they themselves are, this tears up the terrain you're firmly acquainted with by one finger and toys with it, supplanting it with it's subtle restructurings and lessons in laying waste to whole swathes of sought after thoughts and pretensions to instigate instincts and replenish primitive powers. Catch is they possess 'em and you gotta get 'em tha fuck back. So ya gotta wade into this gutbucket dirt-ride and emerge reneged upon but covered in grotty glory. Recorded in a sweatpit in Kentucky on an ailing tape-deck this splices songs from A Touch Of Someone Else's Class and Every Damn Time and is guttural lung-suckin' preacherratic rumble-blues at it's grease-sodden best. A colossal grinding glut-fuck you'll gladly submerge yerself in. Only they and label-buddies Left Lane Cruiser do this 2-man white boy garage-blues grunk this convincingly, this coruscatingly and this calamitously deliriously. Filthy, furious fun, full of soul and fever and fleet-footed flurries to nowhere's with floozies and fantastical flights of fuck-ups - one hellride into hay & unholy water that can't be bottled for mass consumption. Consume & fuck mercy.
Stu Gibson

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