Friday, May 14, 2010

Arty Hill And The Long Gone Daddys - Montgomery On My Mind
Cow Island

Unless you've been unearthing new realms for mankind to travel to in star systems not discovered yet you might have noticed that over the years there's been one or thirty-four covers, tributes to, and piss-all-overs (yes, Wildhearts throw your blow-hard work onto a large fire) to Mr Hank Williams. This laid-back and loving celebration from cow'n'tree maestro Hill and his hound-dog gang (already named in their subjects honour you'll have noticed) stands and will continue to do so like a whole desert of cactii for many a year, blue moon, midnight howl and cold-kissed dawn. A self-penned trio of ditties neatly intersperse the five Hank songs, or songs associated with sir. Church On Saturday Night sets the scene with a twist on a tale of the times before the restless train shuffle of Pan American, the restless heartache rustle of I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) and bar - and belle - hopping I'm A Long Gone Daddy rounds of the first roll of notes. The western-swing pedal steel of Don's Bop rejoins you for a further round before lurching into Lovesick Blues and a resolute rye-bred rampage through Take These Chains From My Heart, leaving the final, self-writ title track lament to leave a tempting remnant in yer glass, quite possibly (implausibly you may presume?) the best hat-hugging song here. To directly mis-quote Paul Westerberg set me up volume two of these.
Stu Gibson

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