Tuesday, April 13, 2010

W. Axl Rose The Unauthorised Biography

Mick Wall

Whence on Guns N'Roses' rise to world if not solar-system conquering superstardom on the way to the frontman's weary resignation prior to the disillusioned reclusion, author Wall had the ear of the diminutive and vituperative Rose by any other name. Having experienced at first hand the evil goblin's paranoiac wrath, childish conspiracies and all-encompassing desire for ultimate control over the arbitrary and asinine, Wall delves deep into the shadows of this elusive wraith's psyche, thus illuminating an involving, suitably sprawling, story sympathetically though decidedly, and laudably, not all-forgivingly told. Isolated by deep-seated insecurities and issues stemming from an abusive, repressive childhood, that only stagnated under the spotlight of success before exploding into some astral seizure like a Phil Spector or Michael Jackson of rawk, Rose's really is a story that demands to be told and indeed almost tells itself if not screams itself hoarse, and is one Wall's exhaustive research and use of his own unpublished interviews can but broaden.

Thankfully never descending into crass amateur psychology nor tabloid make-believing frenzy the reader can discern their own theories about this folly of the quest for truth and sanity that seems to be the main metaphor of the entire Chinese democracy debacle.

- Stu Gibson

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