Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Total Chaos

Avoid All Sides
People Like You

First new release in a air few years for these Cali-punks still strictly adhering to their street level retro-gutteric that's so for many a right reason. Formed at the cusp of the nineties in the face of the then ascending commercialisation of the genre they spout bitter social and political invective over rudimentary blizzards of sharp-tongued trashcan punk rock right from an early-eighties pit. Straight to the point barrages levelling accusations that politicians areProfessional Liars may be easily shrugged off in our apathetic age in a frenzy ior 'really' like Slayer telling us that religions suck and anti-war anthems (Send The Boys Home) said to be simplistic and sloganeering rants like Fuck The C.H.P. quaintly 'rebellious' but for an authentic punk-pit ruck this admirable rather than essential record'll see you just about right, especially on Dancing On Your Grave, No Loyalty and Don't Care Anymore.

- Stu Gibson

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