Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Sadies

New Seasons

The Sadies Cosmic Americanadia (more prosaically-titled 'psychedelic country') is a fringe-flowing, flower-wilting, reckless frolic with plenty of punk-tinged paisley undergroundings among the shimmers and quivers that the harmonies and brilliant but quite cartoon-like guitar-ing elicits (see What's Left Behind) - from timeworn yet never threadbare melodies bolting the stable of The Byrds' Chestnut Mare (Yours To Discover) into expansive 13th Floor Elevatorsfields where the sound just seems to flobble across the airwaves, straddling at least as many dimensions as there are frequencies, to a trashy tenderness (My Heart Of Wood). Always on the move - as is their wont - with the stealth of seasoned banditos, not least as a result of their impressively incestuous extra-curricular schedules, this is a natural process, rather than just a set of stoners frantically reassembling their scrambled talents in time to make an album. Not when it's one of such ridiculously beatific sea shanties from bucks riding mustangs as though mere rocking horses, nursery rhymes filtering fantastical, surreal images through your slumber-heavy shoulders and outlaw laments like The Trial. Disregard the hints of other songs and revel in a roughshod ride through a masterclass of artful crafting.

- Stu Gibson

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