Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man

Party In The Van!
TNS Records

Second release from one of the most ridiculously hard-working bands around in the trenches and the underground, and one of the best quids (if that!) you can spend for a night out at a gig, Manchester's Revenge Of...play the sort of E-number overload of avidly-social hyperactive anarchic disorder punk that makes free-boarding down a vertical cliff face on your hands a frightfully good idea worthy of a Terry Thomas chuckle. With a thicker, grittier production giving more muscle to their inherent mongrel-mangling melodies than debut releaseSHITTY ZOMBIES these six tracks show them still on rampant form trying to run rings around each other with laces tied together. Sure, from their name to the CD title to songs Magic Monkey Juice, No Sleep Till Guildford and the new national anthem Fuckers England don't expect sermons of sociological discourses, but neither should you expect to be told to shut the door upon entering the van.

- Stu Gibson

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