Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Peacocks

Touch And Go
People Like You

Appropriately enough The Peacocks know they're good. There's walking the walk and talkin' the talk but this Swiss trio stalk the balk line like bulldogs dosed non-stop on pep pills, pop skills and torn-up bills. Hell, even when they were tossing off the roughshod but ramrod early recordings they knew. But this isn't the idle swagger of your average indie rock amoeba or haughty art-rock suffering recluse but the intolerant gaze of a band that have toughed it out and have the talent to wrap some witticisms and battle-weary but beat-ready scars into their tales. Belief borne out of the blues, albeit buttressed and bound to the mast with the bubonic rock ballast. For The Peacocks are a union of classic rockabilly line-up with punk attitude and personable idiosyncracies (e.g. Kind Word Don't Butter No Spuds) with pop nous without being either lightweight nor a Green Day / The Living End - which makes them a proposition wholly worthwhile bearing witness to their fans-spreading.  

- Stu Gibson

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