Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Matt Woods

Attack Of The Killer Twat
Winston Records

For those who've had their fair fill of winsome singer-songwriters this twenty-two year-old scatological troubadour of bad-taste and new-variant Tourette's diatribes would have the over-earnest, or just plain earnest, over-easy on this frantic, fifteen-minute campfire of sardonic, skiffly, acrid folk songs splodged out with the spongiform mindset of absurdo-metallers GWAR orAnal Cunt and the delicious ludicrousness of The Toy Dolls. Playing all instruments (Woods drums for Manchester squat-punk legends External Menace, and features in some form or other in various bands, including label-owners Barnyard Masturbator, of which this mini-album is the debut release), including kazoo and banjo, to lather lambasts against TV adverts (Waiting For Corrie), inadvertent superstars (Peter Andre Is A Twat, Jeff Buckley), and students (Smell Of Cool). Easy targets perhaps, but for all its totally un-pc, tongue-in-cheek ridiculousness - being simultaneously stupid and sublime withBilly Connolly's cutting edge eye for detail and Hammell On Trial's ire - it's also unutterably lovely and as daft as the proverbial brush. It's also very funny with an un-reigned frenetic genius at heart, not least closing George Clinton funk-rap Ninja Ronald. Sure to divide - depending on your sensibilities, you'll either be splitting your sides, or dying inside.

- Stu Gibson

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