Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mad Marge And The Stonecutters

People Like You

What's that you say - another ghastly ghost-train trip through the horror-punk theme park, hot-footing it after The Horrorpops and The Creepshow? That's as may be but where the cynic could pick holes in the script a la theScream franchise, the comely Mad Marge and her cohorts do hew a hefty wedge of hoodoo-pop from the quarry of rock out there in Southern California, and neatly sidestep many a grating ghoul-rock stock clich├ęs (the nearest they come is Dial Z For Zombie). On the surface they could, in another cinematic allegory, be likened to the spate of teen-horror flicks with their glossy magazine production and perfectly streamlined, if not airbrushed, song construction. There is, however, enough substance on stand-outs Issues (sure to be adopted as an anthem by hoodie-wearing teen-girls) Hardest Thing and Don't Put Up A Fight to provide sustenance for any ensuing epidemic, with putrefying double-bass priming the assault with the force of the 'rage' of28 Days Later rather than the aimless shuffle of Romero's flesh-hungry hordes, and Marge's voice almost ensures vital signs remain vibrant alone.

- Stu Gibson

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