Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Levi Dexter and Magic

The Kings Of Cat Street

If there's ever such a thing as an authentic Rockabilly revivalist, this, lurgys and germs, is the real raw deal. Hurtling fleet of foot with moves that made him a rockabilly James Brown out of London in the late seventies in line-ups like The Rockats and The Ripchords, with Shakin' Stevens and The Stray Catsbetween each twitching knee, Levi successfully straddled both the punk and new-wave worlds, as well as the snootier, exclusive environs of the rockin' scene in later years. Here the neo-rockabilly lynchpin is teamed with Japan's primo Rockabeat (as that nation termed it) band Magicon a sinew-fraying and intemperate tendon-tear through classics of Rock'n'Roll's eternally energising slipstreams such as Wayne Walker's All I Can Do Is Cry and on back to Dexter's initial influence, Elvis, on Rip It Up and Baby Let's Play House. Originally released in 1993 this is a superbly realised set of slinky-fingers and nimble knees ideal for neophyte and old neo alike.

- Stu Gibson

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