Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Hicksville Bombers

The Prettiest Girl In The World

Like the blues, honky-tonk and classic rock, in fact any style that's carved its own Grand Canyon size niche in music's core, rockabilly is always going to be crafted in approximation of the well chiselled cheekbones of silver screen icons by sharply dressed desperados. Currently enjoying another resurgence of popularity The Hicksville Bombers are one reason why this music will keep seducing new blood and causing unsuspecting pulses to pound with a V8 thrum.

Denigrators may carp that such retro attention to detail should be left in the fifties but play the Hicksvilles and any of their near contemporaries like The Crawdads, The Rhythmaires or The Tennessee Trio in comparison to a set like Proper's recent Classic Rockabilly and quickly disabuse them of such trite ideas. Originating around the Lincoln area and rarely venturing away from the Rockin' circuit this trio are a primo deluxe proposition straddling the bonnet-bucking bop-beat, country swing and midnight blues in fine voice and Brilliantined slinky strings.
While drawing indelibly on the Sun sound such sad-eyed, self-penned titles as Weather Baby, Don't Let Me Face The Rain andWithin These Four Walls show the superficiality and fallacy of simple likenesses. Easily standing collar to collar, if not tower over, classic I've Changed My Mind, these are articulate laments in best Buddy Holly or Felice and Boudleaux Bryant manner that smoulder like Rick Nelson (indeed, Get Out Of My House could be a cold kiss-off to Hello Marylou), while some brazen fuel-consumption boogie breaks bail on Hey Judge, drinking I've Got A Problem, Moonshine Mama and comic-strip caper of jack the lad cool cat Johnny Valentine.

Well worth blazing a trail to a hick town of your own shaking, stirring full-house slamming on table causing drinks to spill invention.

- Stu Gibson

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